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G75VW with intel i7-5600U --- really?

someone is trying to sell a g75vw.. i asked him what the cpu was and he replied.. i7-5600U.. i thought they stopped making g75vw a while ago so there was no way it would have an i7-5600u in it.. am i wrong?

ASUS G750JW - problem wi fi

Hello everyoneIve got asus g750jw with 2 HHD (1 ssd 2nd HDD) and i ve got problem with wi fi. Sometimes when I turn on my computer WI - FI its not avaiable (something like the drivers are not installed) . Then i need to restart and then ive got lotte...

Which RAM module I should buy - on G750 JX

Hello Community,I am planning to install a new RAM module in my system G750 JX as it came with 24 GB RAM installed, though it support 32 GB RAM.Can anyone please recommend which RAM module I should buy - which in long run will not cause any issue.Wii...

brand new g750 wont turn on

just got home with my new g750 and the thing wont turn on. the power button light comes on and the other various lights, but the screen remains black. any help? should i just return it?

Asus g751jt wont start or charge.

My asus laptop wont start or charge. I went outside and when i came back it wouldnt start, this is the second time this has happened. I sent it toasus repair and got it back and now after 2 weeks it has happened again. the light that shows that the c...

G751JT or G751JY ???

I'm really having a hard time about this choice..There is currently only 1 retailer in Scandinavia selling the JY model (Komplett - Sweden, Norway and Denmark).They aren't excactly helpful and doesn't offer much service to their customers I contacted...

Iddqdk by Level 7
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Can not put my computer to sleep out of fear

I have a G750JW and have had it for about a year. This is not the first time this issue has happened. If my computer goes to sleep it can not be recovered I have to do a hard reset wait a minute then power it back on. Sometimes when trying to boot ba...

Newb question about installing games

Just got a Asus G750 and first time with a SSD. I am trying to install my SC2 and Diablo 3, but I have insufficient place on the C drive. How do I go about installing them correctly which means that I will have to go back and pull WoW off the C dri...