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Buying new screen for my G751JY-T7067H

Hello all,I've just bought a ROG G751JY-T7067H, but after 2 weeks, I broke the screen...I need to buy another one, the reference is LG LP173WF4-SPD1, but I found only LP173WF4-SPF1 on google, is it the same screen ?Have you got a specific URL where I...

Fabian by Level 7
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G74sx need better adapter prefer 180w+ and motherboard

my seriel number is B7N0AS330643283i tend to use my computer for games a lot for games and i know the origional adapter is not made to handle the power consumption for long periods of time and ends up getting really hot. so far other sites only led m...

G751JY with 4870HQ ?! WHAT?! When did this happen!?

WHAT!?I just found out there is a G751JY with a 4870HQ procesor !Base clock is 100hz more and so is turbo boost.So the 4860hq isn't the best procesor in this machine ?! WHAAAT?! Why did they do it! Now I want to get that extra 100 HZ ! heheheh(this i...

Best Ways To Clean Asus ROG G750JW

Hello,I was wondering some good ways to keep my laptop clean and performing well without opening it up. I've had this computer for about 15 months so far and i've noticed the performance has been degrading. What are some ways to get performance back ...

g750jm hdmi and hdmi audio problem - solved

I am trying to diagnose why my g750jm will not output the audio through the hdmi or the thunderbolt port to my tv or desktop monitor, video is flawless but no sound, all drivers have been updated from asus site! I also have an asus s550cm laptop and...

G750jm no wireless connection issue

Hi there! I have an asus g750jm bsi7n23, Network adapter Broadcom 802.11ac, OS Windows 8.1. The problem I'm having here is not an entire lack of wireless connection. I'm able to get online wireless at home. However, the problem happens at any public ...

Optical caddy.

Just in case anyone is thinking of ordering a caddy. I ordered a 12.7 caddy to replace the optical drive, however it is too large to fit. Upon comparing the drive to the caddy it is clearly not the right size. So I believe Marshall made a mistake ...

Swarmy by Level 8
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G73JH Dead graphics card?

Hello, before I say anything please note I have searched the forums up and down for related issues. That being said, I have spent a couple hundred dollars at a local computer service shop to get my G73 working correctly but they've told me the graphi...

Asus G75 laptop fan noises

i had this laptop since summer of 2013 and its been working fine and still is. recently when i turn on my laptop the top right part ( if placed like a normal laptop) on the back has this really really loud sound coming from it. at first when i turn m...

Ryantan by Level 7
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