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G75VW Wakes up from sleep mode (Windows7 Ultimate)

Hello folks, did anybody run into this problem that this laptop just comes out of sleep mode?I tried almost everything I could and it still doing it:1, I went through and disabled all scheduled tasks which would wake the computer up in the task sched...

what happens when my battery dies?

when i was examining my laptop freshly out of its retail box, i noticed that the battery for my laptop is completely enclosed cannot remove it so i started freaking out and im still kind of worried and im left with a few pressing questions. like, A...

DX6Or by Level 8
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New ROG G751 JY - T7022H Owner Questions

Hello Everyone,I'm a new owner and this is my 1st post, so please bare with me. SO i bought it a month ago and bumped into these forums just today, and I came across a lot of stuff which implied that the "STOCK" "Out of the box" setup is problematic ...

G750 usb connectivity issues.

I've had a mouse and keyboard for awhile now. Unfortunately they are constantly disconnecting/reconnecting. Happens like clockwork. Please help

Datwhip by Level 7
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Problem with fn - buttons and touchpad [solved]

Hi,i recently bought a g750jw laptop, which was working perfectly fine in the beginning. But now i have several problems:1) The fn-buttons for controlling the keyboard-backlights don't work anymore. The backlight turns on when booting the laptop, bu...

Kecken by Level 7
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Coca Cola damage

Hello folks,Yesterday I did a very dumb thing: I spilled a glass of Cola on my Rog G551. Turned the laptop off, unplugged everything, cleaned and let it dry for a bit.Turned it on a bit yesterday and again today and stuff seems to be fine, but I have...

Having second thoughts about my G751 purchase

Hello. The other day I purchased a G751JT-CH71 with a Samsung 850 Pro 256gb ssd to go with it. I receive all of this on Thursday, but I'm starting to have second thoughts about my purchase from what I've read. I'm going to be using this laptop for fi...

detailed guide for installing SSD in G750JS-NH71

I would like to install a 240GB SanDisk Plus sata3 SSD in my G750js-NH71gaming laptop. Is there a detailed guide with step by steps so a novice will not make a mistake in the process? I have one 16 GB flashdrive with the backtracker recovery file. an...