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Laptop Sleeves G751

Hi guys, I ordered a new G751JY today and needed to grab a sleeve before it arrives. I've been using Neoprene sleeves for years on my family laptops and found them great for when we travel. Does anyone use a Neoprene sleeve, what size do I need becau...

Requesting help: G53SX Black screen on boot

Hi,I just bought an used Asus G53SX laptop. When I got the laptop I tested that it did work all right. It did boot up and show Asus boot logo and such. I closed the laptop. After several days I booted up the laptop, and the screen wont turn on. The l...

X-Zero by Level 7
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G53SX - No Boot, Power & Read light blinking slowly

Hey Guys,Recently had a SSD failure on my G53SX. Decided to upgrade ram, and put new thermal paste (MX4) while I was putting the new SSD in. Everything was working well had the computer on for over an hour installing windows updates and the battery w...

Bluray drives recommended for my G751JT-CH71

hi guys, i plan to buy a bluray drive for the g751jt-ch71.... i have so far bought a panasonic bluray drive for this laptop but it would not fit. (it is in fact a laptop bluray drive, but the stock dvd drive in my laptop is yet even smaller than the ...

DX6Or by Level 8
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Plugged in speed is fine, Unplugged very choppy

I just started to have this issue where when the laptop is plugged in everything is finebut when I unplug it, google chrome is extremely choppy and slow (but windows is fine) and video games are extremely choppy.. This is strange because it only affe...

G56jr + ssd

I just purchase G56JR and an Kingston Hyper X SSD 120GB Sometimes the G56JR cannot detect the SSD when powering on the notebook. HOw to fix?

Jlieu by Level 7
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Overclock G750JZ GTX 880M

I'd like to achieve a higher framerate in Watch dogs. I'm currently getting about 35-45FPS on (dropping all the way down to 15 during heavy moments). Here is what I have on SettingsGame SettingsAsus GPU tweak - Overclock tab ON, Fan FULL ONAmbient O...

Rogkam by Level 7
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