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Asus G750JS Fan problem solved?

Hi, bought a G750JS with a gtx870m and I noticed the weird CPU fan problem.During idle like browsing etc the CPU fan starts to spin to like 50% or 100% for a few minutes.It starts to spin at ~ 45 degrees and stops till it reaches 40/41 degrees.This ...

ROG G551JM Wireless software, which ones do I need?

Hi all; It was suggested to move to here for this. I have the Asus G551jm and I removed 8.1 went to 7, hated it so bought 8.1 pro and installed it. I went to download the wireless drivers on the Asus page but there are about 6 different ones, do I...

[GUIDE] RAID-0 Dual-Boot WIndows 7 and Linux

I have achieved a RAID-0 Dual-Boot, and break 1GB/Sec in both Windows and Linux. REQUIREMENTS:2 HDs or 2 SSDs of the same exact sizeOriginal Windows 7 NON-SP1 DVD or an SP1 DVD that YOU KNOW installs as MBR, because having MBR is the MOST important p...

SSD Advice required please.

Hi guys, I am not too technical so I require some assistance, I have an older laptop (Sony) for which I upgraded the HDD to an SSD (Crucial M4CT512), My question is, my new laptop G751JT has a 128gb ssd, would it be a good idea to swap these two or w...

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HELP Asus G751JT Plugged in but not charging

Ok i Just bought this laptop and it says (Plugged in , not charging). I looked on google and different post says i need to remove the battery and all that stuff but I can't remove the battery in this laptop.:(:(:(Any suggestion ? Help

G73Jh GSOD Vbios Update

Thanks to Gary key we now have a GSOD fix for the G73 Vbios update. Follow these instructions.This solution is to fix the GSOD problem that has been reported. It is provided as is and will only be supported by yours truly until officially released o...

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G75VX replacment screen

Can someone recommend a better quality screen for the VX. Lately I've noticed the screen door effect on my screen and its driving me crazy! What has been seen, cant be unseen! I dont know if my eye sight is getting worse or the screen is dying? I tho...