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Loose screw found inside G751JT

Hi everyone, need some advice here. I found a loose screw from inside laptop 1 week after the purchase. It started when I heard a rattling sound when moving the laptop around. The rattling was mainly around the top right corner and with some help, I ...

czkhor by Level 7
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G75-VX CPU overheating - New fans not working

Hey everyone, I want to start off by saying that I apologize if this is the incorrect thread to post such issues. Im not a super duper forums guy but I do like the fact there is a forum just for owners like us.Anywho, I've been at my wits end with my...

G751JY-DH73 frequent regular micro stutter

Thought I would have learned my lesson after the nightmare of my G74SX-DH72, but here I am with a G751JY-DH73 (purchased yesterday) and after 1 day and night of no sleep trying to resolve problems while setting it up there seems to be a (known) micro...

Paint wearing off keys. Red spot on A and D

i have an issue that shouldnt be happening with a 1,500 dollar laptopi have the G751JT and only had the laptop less then a month and the A and D keys black paint is wearing offcausing the red see through key coming through making a red spot.My questi...

G74SX Sound Problem

Hey guys,I was gaming with my notebook when i simply turned the sound off by the Function buttons.Then i tried to turn it on again and did not work! I tried all the speakers options like disable - enable, saw the device management and everything. Whe...

Would you still recommend a G751?

So I want a G751 mainly for its cooling, quiet fans, power, and removal of Nvidia Optimus (biggest reason). I currently have a G750.I have seen countless problems reported, so would you still recommend a G751 laptop?

Horrific Asus Support

I'm not sure where to start tbh but it's been a nightmare getting this as yet unresolved issue sorted.Laptop screen had a fault as did the charger. Fine things happen.Asus G750JW, 14 months old.Laptop was received by (Scotland who d...

ardandy by Level 7
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