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G750jw lcd brackets

The left and right LCD brackets snapped in the bottom corner on my G750JW. I found the brackets on ASUSPARTS.EU but they are unavailable to purchase at the moment. Any help would be appreciated. Left bracket part #: 13NB00M1M01111Right bracket part #...

Can I upgrade my G73JH to play Devil May Cry V?

Hey guys, I was wondering if it's possible to take apart my G73JH ASUS ROG laptop and upgrade it to have 2gb more ram and 2gb total vram. It doesn't meet the minimum requirements to play Devil May Cry V and I really want to play it because it's one o...

kk_mw by Level 7
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G731GW CPU stuck at 800Mhz

Troubleshooting the thread below for laggy G731GW, found out my CPU works only at 800 MHz. Nothing in the world - software, game or test tool is able to make it move. Multiple times reflashed BIOS, disconnected battery, checked performance settings a...


Strix G731GW RGB Issue

Hello ladies and gents,There is a problem with only the "." button situated between "," and "/" buttons and above the right Function "Fn" button. The backlit red light for that button is not working properly as it has been shown in the photos I attac...

New Windows 10 installation - No keyboard backlite?

Hi guysI had to reinstall Windows 10 on my laptop but have lost the white lighting when typing on the keyboard. I'm guessing it's just a driver issue of some sort, could someone link me to what it is I have to install to get the lighting working once...

GL502VT Laptop gets way to hot and loud.

I have a GL502VT and for most games my laptop gets pretty hot and loud. I have throttlestop being used yet it still too loud, is there anything I can do to reduce fan noise and heat?

Vress by Level 7
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G703G Not Charging Past 95%

Hello and good morning my fellow peoples. I was seeing if I could get a helping hand in the issue I just noticed last night. Ive just recently picked up the G703G laptop about a month ago and loving every bit of it without any disappointment. I just ...

G751JY : is M.2 sata ssd Compatible?

Does G751jy support m.2 sata ssd? Is the m.2 slot pci only or also sata compatible?It is a M key slot that I can see, but there are No clear details on compatibility anywhere on internet. m.2 sata ssd's are more affordable than pci ones. It makes sen...

Not allowing me to make a post

Says access is denied in the G3 Laptop section when i try to make a post about an issue im having. Ive tryed sending a private message to an administrator but haven't heard anything back yet. I want to mention that i also tryed making a post in the g...