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Intel Extreme Tuning Utility - Safe?

Using XTU with my G751JT, I am able to go from 3.5 to 3.6 cache and 3.3 to 3.4 4 cores. However, when I run stress tests, I get thermal throttling. Is this okay? Also, is Turbo Boost Short Power Max okay to bump up by 3w from 47w to 50w and Power Max...

g551 144hz with external monitor through mDP

Hi,I am planning on buying a G551JM-CN138H and im wondering if i can get 120/144hz refresh rate through the miniDP to DP on an external monitor?Or is the gpu capped to put out the highest refresh rate that the laptop screen can show, which is 60hz?I ...

w00sen by Level 7
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Very confused about this g751jt model-display panel

So I bought a g750jm and had problems with it. Amazon stepped up to the plate months later and gave me a full refund. Actually I get it on Monday. I should be getting 1400 dollars. Love asus products so I wanna give them another chance.I was looking ...

cOC0 by Level 7
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asus g771jm audio jack problem

So i got my new Asus g771jm laptop, and i am very pleased with it, but there is an issue with the audio jack.when a sound starts and ends theres a static "pop", and yes i have tried with diffrent headphones and speakers but i still get thenoise every...

KAAARL by Level 7
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G750J black screen problem

I have a G750J ROG. It came with Win 8.0. I updated to 8.1. Now when I start my laptop the screen stay black and the ROG light on the back is black also. I do not even see the ROG logo from boot.I have to plug an outside LCD screen to see something. ...

ZedQc by Level 7
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G750JY : 2 or 8 GDDR5 / Wifi 5ghz

Hi all,I am currently hesitating on buying a G750JY or a G751JY but would like to be sure about the specs.First of all, I saw on some websites that Graphical memory differs (and sometime even the video card) :

krys by Level 7
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