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G551JK caddy

hi, has anyone found a hdd caddy for the G551? al caddys are for 9,5mm but the G551 has a 9mm ODD (I bought a 9,5mm and can't get it in so the 0.5mm does matter)

vacs by Level 7
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G73SW looking for working vBios for GTX680M 4GB.

Hello, as i know there is good way to get GTX680M working by flash vBios. User jmhdj did it, but i can't find this vBios. Can someone help, or send me correct vBios file?Card is Clevo version with Samsung memory.I have Jh heatsink and 230W AC Adapter...

Ganjax by Level 7
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Quick question on SSD variations for the G751.....

So i'm a few weeks away from getting my very own G751JY with a 256gb ssd and a 1tb 7200rpm HDD, am I correct in assuming the SSD in the JY model is PCIE and NOT Sata based? I was sure I read somwhere that the JY had PCIE based SSD'd while other model...

Aryn86 by Level 7
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G750JX Battery not charging problem

I buy G750JX before 5 days.Today i see that my battery is 65%, all time was plugged in charger. I try some time run on battery and it get on 46%.Plug in charger and no charging the battery, it is all time on 46%.Orange lamp for batter charging is on ...

Tomeeee by Level 7
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g73jh and intel 7260 ac

hi,my intel 6235 adapter is dead :mad:i wanted to know before im make an order, is there anyone that runs the intel 7260 ac on his g73jh? or should i stick to the 6235?i couldn't any information online, and would really want to use the advantages of ...

Wow I accidentally scratched my screen

Asus ROG G751-DH72Anyways I forgot to cut my nails and I accidentally left a little mark on my screen. It's about 1 inch or a little more. It's not visible to eye but if you shine (iphone flashlight) on the screen in a black background you can see i...

G771JM Same Power Options Plugged or Unplugged??? FPS Issues

Hello there !I have the same power options on my Asus whether it's plugged or unplugged, but in any game I have a large FPS drop when I unplug it and run it on battery life. I can't keep it always plugged in because I don't want to wreck the battery....

bleah1 by Level 7
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