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UEFI bootloader instead of old blue and grey BIOS?

I know UEFI BIOS is the wrong word, but even when I boot into UEFI through windows I go straight to the old blue and grey BIOS. I was wondering if anyone knew how to access, install, or whatever must be done to access the UEFI I see in articles on th...

g75vw "limited" internet issues

ok so iv had my g75 for about 2 years now. roughly last summer the screen had broken on it and due to work issues wasnt able to get around to replacing it unill about 5 months agao. after replacing it and booting it up for the first time in probably ...

Please HELP, My G751JY stopped working.

Hi every one.I got my g751jy 2 month ago, has been run very well, no questions at all until yesterday evening. Just been looking through news pages (bbc, skynews, foxnews etc) and suddenly both funs started to run in full speed for 15-20 seconds and ...

yurik by Level 7
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Does G751JT monitor support RGB 0-255 ?

I'm trying to use 0-255 in MadVR but it doesn't work correctly, it is making everyone blacker than black same as a TV with no support.What is the easiest test to check ?

x7007 by Level 7
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