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Asus ROG g551jk trouble utilizing 5.1 sound

After purchasing one of these laptops i decided to invest in an St Lab 5.1/7.1 sound box (usb) to connect with a Logitech z906 surrond sound system.I've set it up and still can't get the rear speakers to function this way. When applying the amplifier...

Imanemo by Level 7
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Problems with G551 sound system after unplugging earbuds

I can't figure out the sound system on my four-day-old G551. If I use earbuds while I play a game, I can get it set up fine (but then I always have to tinker with it each time I go back to the game), but then when I disconnect the earbuds, there's n...

G551JM USB mouse not working

I have recently purchased an Asus G551JM and it had been working great for about a week or so. Upgraded the ram to 12gb ram a week ago. Now im having problem where my USB mouse doesnt work. ive tried everyusb port and everytime the laptop recognises ...

G750JZ GPU Upgradable?

Hello everyone, I am thinking about upgrading my G75JZ with GTX880m. Does the model comes with an MXM interface so that 980m upgrade is possible?

G750JW keyboard light stays on too long before going out

Hi, is there a way for me to have my keyboard light not to stay on so long. It used to stay on for about 10 seconds max after not using the keyboard or moving the mouse. Now it seems closer to a minute.If there is indeed a way to adjust this, please ...

Druker by Level 7
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g75vw PN: 60-n2vmb1600-c03

Hi,I am trying to find a replacement motherboard for the following:Model: g75vw P/N: 60-n2vmb1600-c03Does anyone know where I can purchase this P/N or if there is a similar compatible motherboard I can purchase if this is motherboard is no longer for...

g751jy-DH71/DH73-CA model differences?

I just received my g751jy from an online retailer, and noticed the model number I recieved is the DH73-CA version, not the DH71 that was listed in my order. Can anyone verify what the differences are between the models? All I've been able to find i...

G551 Temperature Benchamark (Help)

Hello guys,I have purchased an Asus G551 less than one month ago. The only game I play is Counter Strike: Global Offensive, my computer is getting to 85ºC. Can you please tell me it that is normal? I am using RealTemp to get the readings.Thank you

LBento by Level 7
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G751JY Keyboard not responding after waking the laptop.

Hi, After waking my G751JY from sleep the keyboard is dead, no response from keypresses and no backlight. The wireless logitech g602 mouse i am using works just fine.The current solution is to enter my password with the onscreen keyboard, entering de...

Dennyh by Level 7
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