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Rog G752VT Display

Hi, I broke the screen on my laptop, I want to replace it with a new one, in support they answered me that two models are suitable:LGD/LP173WF4-SPF3 G752VT-1A 17.3 S FHD/G WV//LGD/LP173WF4-SPF3(EDP) TESTLGD/LP173WF4-SPF1 G752VT-1A 17.3 S FHD/G WV//...

sors33 by Level 7
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How to install G750JZ MaxxAudio - solved

I've bought recently a second hand ROG G750JZ RaptorI've reinstalled OS on a new SSD, so the drivers. For the audio drivers I've installed the last version provided by Asus.Version V6.0.1.7469But I'm unabled to start MaxxAudio, just it doesnt startht...

Asus ROG G731 display

Good Morning;I have 2 Asus ROG G731Gw laptops and when comparing the screens I have noticed differences, one carries LG LP173WFG-SPB1 and the other AUO B173HAN04.0. I can't find anything on the LG display, did you know him? Which of the 2 is better?T...

tripax by Level 7
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G751JY Screen Replacement

Today when i turned on my laptop i saw a black spot on the lower left side of my screen with a crack line, don't know how it happened as it was fine the day before, anyway my G751JY predates the GSYNC model and i'm thinking of ordering a replacement ...


G74Sx: Is it safe to run with the lid closed?

Hi,I'd hate to destroy my new laptop so a question...Is it safe to run these G74sx laptops with the lid closed? It won't overheat or anything like that, will it?I want to use it on my desktop with an external keyboard and monitor and haven't the roo...

Waves MaxxAudio Deleted After Windows 10 Upgrade

Hey everyone, I just upgraded from windows 8.1 to windows 10. After about 2 minutes of exploring I realize the MaxxAudio application is no longer on my computer. I have an Asus G750 JW and I would really appreciate it if you could help...

G751JY stops getting power from charger sometimes when hot

This is an asus G751jy gaming laptop. It's from mid 2016. I used it heavily since then. Over the last few days, sometimes when I'm in a game, it will stop getting power from the charger and start running on battery power. I can re-plug the charger ba...

iammax by Level 7
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