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Installing Win 8.1 on G75VW - key embedded in BIOS?

Hi all,when I bought my laptop 2nd hand, it had an SSD installed in it - the first owner installed it and had, as per his saying, to do some tricks to make it all work and have the OS on the SSD.All worked fine, until the free Win 8.1 updates started...

JorisS by Level 7
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G751JT image retention/ghosting -- any solutions?

Hi all,I just got my third G751 from Newegg after exchanging the last two due to nasty screen bleeding. When I fired up the latest one, I was thrilled to see a crisp, black screen all the way around. However, I noticed things were a little off once...

g750 Trackpad problems

I bought an Asus g750, the one with the ssd and 870m, back in July 2014 and while it's a decent machine, I have been disappointedwith the trackpad and its features. I bought the machine because I like physical buttons, not unipads. However, the tra...

sjc1017 by Level 7
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Asus ROG g551jk trouble utilizing 5.1 sound

After purchasing one of these laptops i decided to invest in an St Lab 5.1/7.1 sound box (usb) to connect with a Logitech z906 surrond sound system.I've set it up and still can't get the rear speakers to function this way. When applying the amplifier...

Imanemo by Level 7
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Problems with G551 sound system after unplugging earbuds

I can't figure out the sound system on my four-day-old G551. If I use earbuds while I play a game, I can get it set up fine (but then I always have to tinker with it each time I go back to the game), but then when I disconnect the earbuds, there's n...