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NO WINDOWS 8 PRO? and Crysis not working. g750jz

any reason why we bought this expensive damn computer and not get windows 8 pro with it?there are some features that are missing that i wish that i had. also, i searched everywhere and i cannot find a fix to get the original crysis to work on windows...

Removing G751-JM cooling vents/grills?

Hi everyone,I was thinking of painting the back air vents/grills in metallic silver, to match the silver part of laptop. But does anyone know, how can i take them off? Do i need to disassemble the bottom part to remove them?Thank you.:cool:


g750jm bios update problem with Winflash

I try to update my bios version with winflash program. I choose the bios file, click flash than exit to install the bios. But it only exits and nothing happens. How can I install this bios?

cagamut by Level 7
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How to upgrade the Hard Drive in a G75VW?

Hi guys, I have an Asus G75VW-BHI7N07, and I want to add a SSD in the second bay and use it for the OS leaving the factory 1TB HD for storage. But I need some help with the following:How can I create a Recovery Disk to install the OS (Windows in the...

G53SW - freeze...

Hi there!Every time I start my laptop it freezes up sooner or later - but never more than one time.It can happen immediately when Windows has booted up or after 5-10 min. The PC doesn’t have to be under heavy load or so instead it can happen whenever...

widec by Level 7
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