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Help finding backpack for Asus G751-JY

Hi all, I need help to find a backback for my laptop. At the beggining my choise was the ROG Shuttle, but I've read the size and it seems that the G751 doesn't suit. Has anyone tried the Shuttle backpack with the G751 ? Thanks for any reply.Cheers,St...

campo85 by Level 7
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Asus G75VX Keyboard Backlight Problem

HiI have been facing this keyboard backlight problem after upgrading to 8.1 Still there are no ATK update for this. Please tell me a fix to turn on/off the backlight in keyboard. The keyboard backlight just blinks in the boot up and it turns off. I h...

lashiv by Level 7
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g75vx new bios 206

hi..just found that asus released a new bios file version 206 in asus support site I update from 204 to 206??

G75VX making a weird noise upon opening from sleep?

Hey guys, this has happened twice in the 3 day's I've had it (havn't used it that much yet). WHen I open it it usually makes a noise which comes from near the CD drive, which isnormal. But twice it's make an even weirder noise I can't quite explain b...

G75VX; Wake from sleep, speaker static

After waking from sleep mode my G75VX-BHi7N11 speaker will crackle with static for a second.Is anyone else experiencing this issue and is there a known solution?Update: As Mike_Lu@ASUS suggested, installing the latest audio driver solved the issue.Up...

Yakov by Level 7
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"Normal" Temperature for GTX 670M in G75VW?

I am posting this here because I haven't had luck searching for this answer, and people will probably see it here before they see it in the stickied thread where I originally posted it.I just received a new G75VW-NS71 RT (with GeForce GTX 670M) I bou...

chiilin by Level 10
  • 63 replies
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G46VW - No Sound from HDMI - solved, thanks!

Hi. I'm having issues getting sound to come out of the HDMI port when I connect it to an external TV, but I am getting video perfectly fine thru the HDMI. I had downgraded the OS from win8 to win7 and installed the audio drivers on the ASUS support p...