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Strix SCAR III G531GW Touchpad Issues

I recently got this laptop from newegg, and everything is working pretty much perfectly with one exception: the touchpad. It randomly gets very jumpy, and under-responsive at times. At first I thought it was related to the surface the laptop was sitt...

W10 cumulative 3/2020 broke Aura on G703gxr?

EDIT: it seems the aura sync causes these problems: if i have aura sync on and i type anything on the keyboard for a few seconds, the aura lighting freezes. The cumulative did not break stuff.Somewhat annoying, i dont particulary enjoy the default ra...

JHR1979 by Level 7
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Do the G751jy and G751jm use the same power input/ac jack?

You may have seen me make a thread recently. I have a G751-JY WH71 and my AC in jack was broken. I ordered this:

iammax by Level 7
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G703GI Keyboard and LEDs not working

Hi, i have a problem with my g703gi. One day my keyboard and led just stopped working, even led on back of laptop. I thought at first that some ribbon got lose, but when i connected usb keyboard the Caps Lock diode on laptop reacts to my presses on u...

G752 Audio jack area too hot

I've recently bought an asus rog g752, it's fantastic but I've noticed a problem during this days: when i plug in my headset the area close to audio I/O become hotter (30°-35°) and today it become hot without anything linked to any jack or USB door. ...

launching a laptop from an external keyboard

Hello, I have asus rog g703gx i need launching it from an external keyboardInstead bios I have ROG BIOS Utility ver.303 , there are no Power management setup like in normal BIOS.How i can set up it with minimal hemorrhoids ?

G751JY - Battery is stuck at 0%, random shutdowns

Best laptop i've ever had, so it's a bit sad to see it finally showing signs of failure. Hopefully it can be fixed.So my battery has been having problems since early 2019, when all of a sudden it would only charge to 82%. This happened after one time...