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G750JH jumped from AC mode to Battery mode and back

hello,i recently experiancing problem with my ac connector.when im playing videos/playing games when the AC connector is connected-for some reason it jumps from ac mode to battery mode and slows the computer, and then a second after it returns back a...

APReVo by Level 7
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Having bootup troubles with G73-JH

Hey all, first I want to say thanks for having such a great community and having so much information readily available for people like me On to my problem: recently whenever I start my laptop, it does the following:1 - Stays on a black screen for a w...

simran by Level 7
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G751JT Touchpad Left Button Problem

Yesterday left button stopped working. Icon in tray is showing that left button is always active. I tried re-installation of drivers, BIOS reset and blowing air under the button. Mouse working just fine. On another OS problem is still there. Do you t...

Indril by Level 7
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Some Causes Of BSOD's -G75VW

Hello! Ive had a g75vw for almost 3 years now and it can out run almost all other full desktops! But while in these years ive gotten some experince. I have posted two other threads that I have solved and found what caused it. Now 60% of the bsods I w...

Miracast on G750JX?

I've searched but haven't found much relevant info or a solution. I'm trying to find out if the G750JX supports miracast and how to set it up / get it working if it does. Thanks.

Sudo by Level 7
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Best PCIE SSD for G751jt ?

I just read this- PCIE is 2x faster than SATA. Only models with M.2 pre-fitted will be supported with an M.2 bracket. We will not provide upgrade support for models purchased without M.2 initially sorry.The g751jt does not have an ssd so I will be bu...

How do i install UEFI windows?

Hello,I just got my new G751, and i am already loving it Currently I am installing all the drivers, but when restarting i can see it sit idle for ~10 seconds, with a blank screen and text mode cursor.Do i need to change the default BIOS settings to e...

krmk by Level 7
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