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[GUIDE} G750JS Linux Fedora 21 With NVidia Optimus

I looked everywhere, trying to I install Nvidia drivers and didn't find a good tutorial that works, and after days of pain, I finally got it working and decided to share this.So lets start,My setup:Asus G750JS;870m, Broadcom WIFI,250Gbs SSD, 750GBS H...

aoryx by Level 7
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G75VW-NH71 Screen replacement help?

Hello, I somehow got a very small punture hole in my screen and I am having diffulty finding a replacement screen for my particular model (G75VW-NH71). I can find replacements for almost every other model except for mine. Are there other screens I c...

ASUS G74SX BD disc -> doesn't recognize DVDs

Greetings guys,I recently experienced a disfunction of my Slimtype BD E DS4E1S.Indeed when I insert a DVD it doesn"t recognize it!He perfectly recognizes a CD/BD, but as soon as i put a DVD the green LED shuts off after 5sec.I bought GW2 three days a...

Question about Backing up new ASUS ROG G751JY Image

I recently bought an ASUS ROG G751JY. It is configured with a 256GB SSD M.2 and 1 GB HDD with 24GB of RAM and Windows 8.1. I stress tested this machine for 3 days (CPU, GPU, and RAM). This thing is a beast! Here is my problem though: I downloade...

rayrys by Level 7
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Trying to find G751JT m.2 2280 mounting bracket

I have spent a lot of time with ASUS support, and they bounce me between support, service, and components departments. What I need is the mounting bracket pictured here: ...

How noisy is g751JY or JT model?

Hi! I'm considering buying either ASus G751JY with 980m, or Asus G751JT model with 970m. They cost the same, and the latter has 256gb SSD besides 1TB HDD. Now, what i'm concerned about is how much noise does either of these models generate. I really ...

ASUS ROG G771JM Buggy Screen

I am posting a video that lets you see what is happening; as it seems I am not able to explain it well enough. I have had this notebook for two weeks and the issues have been showing since day one.The gist is my screen turns off and on randomly and h...

G75VW - is the intel i7 2.3gHZ enough to run GTA V?

I'm thinking of spending what little money I have on a copy of GTA V. I Dont want to pirate it, but I am scared I wont be able to runthe game, and I dont really have enough money to waste on it if it wont run.I have overclocked my GFX card a lil, and...

spyro11 by Level 7
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