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G751 Next Release?

When will ASUS release their new sets of laptops after ROG G751s? Will they make an announcement before this year's end? I'm really expecting a graphics amplifier or a better graphics card for smooth gameplay on ultra settings with GTA V and AC Unity...

xXLXx by Level 7
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OC : base clock Offset and GPU tweak problem (g750jz)

Hi everyone,First of all, I'd like to inform you : english is not my usual language (I m french) so please don't be upset if my sentences are a lil' bit ... weird. Still, I hope you'll understand my request.I'm the owner of a rog gaming laptop (g750j...

G75VW Audio Problem - Internal Speakers and Headphones

I can't find anything specific to my actual problem in my several hours of searching and testing. I just got a G75VW laptop working and installed WIndows 7 Pro on it. It wasn't mine originally so I've never actually seen it work correctly. I Insta...

Cooling Pad - does it help?

I bought a cooling pad for my g750. It does nothing as far as i can tell. I ran PRIME95 ( to put a full load on my cpu. It raised the temperature to over 75 Celcius and increased fan speed to 3500 rpm in under one minute - w...

Crucial mx200 ssd in G751JT

I have just purchased a Asus G751JT with the 128ssd & 1tb hd.The ssd is a Sandisk, if I were to buy a Crucial mx200 500gb hd would there be a speed increase and is getting the os to the new drive easy?Or can you recommend a better ssd.Also is this v...

whizz68 by Level 7
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Pixelated icons?

So I just recently got this G75VW from newegg but i've noticed in the system tray, taskbar and my desktop that icons are pixelated and was wondering why it is like this and how I could fix it. I wasn't able to find any help through search or google. ...

Rog g751 ssd upgrade

Hi everyone, i have a question. I want to buy this laptop: ROG<3

Compatible battery types for G55

Hi everyone!The battery on my G55 is not working anymore after about a year of (almost) daily use.I need to replace it but i'm having trouble finding a new one. It's a A42-G55 model, rated at 14.4V, 5200mAh, 74Wh.Is it possible to use a battery with ...