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G73 - ATI MOBILITY 5870 drivers update after 14.12

Hi all,as you probably have noticed, since december 2014 we are not getting updates for our GPU. It's a big issue if you want to play new games, so I thing everyone having G73 laptop with 5870 will be interested in the thread. So ... the question is ...

Hibernation file and Page File - Good or Bad ?

I have stumbled across some of the recommendations over here, on the forums. I have checked them up on the internet in order to see the general feeling about them and I ended up quite confused.1) About the Fast Start-up in Windows 8 and the Hibernati...

NitroX by Level 10
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Do You Know Why Asus Backtracker Keeps Failing?

I have just purchased a G751JY and have tried to run the Asus Backtracker to create a copy of the recovery image on a USB flash drive.The process starts fine, creates boot sector, creates image but just before the end I get the error…“Failed to creat...

Maccsta by Level 7
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Not happy with the Stock Killer Wireless-N 1202 Card

Im throwing this out there to see if others have experienced problems and if any other Wireless Cards have fared any better. I have a problem where the wireless performance of my G750 is lacking compared to my desktop. The devices involved:G750 Lap...

MrRuckus by Level 10
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G46VW Recovery Media Help

Hey fellow gamers, so I would really appreciate any help I could get with my problem. A year or so ago when I first got my g46vw I decided to remove Windows 8 and install Windows 7. Everything was fine and dandy until I realized that in the process o...

Braavos by Level 7
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G751 Next Release?

When will ASUS release their new sets of laptops after ROG G751s? Will they make an announcement before this year's end? I'm really expecting a graphics amplifier or a better graphics card for smooth gameplay on ultra settings with GTA V and AC Unity...

xXLXx by Level 7
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OC : base clock Offset and GPU tweak problem (g750jz)

Hi everyone,First of all, I'd like to inform you : english is not my usual language (I m french) so please don't be upset if my sentences are a lil' bit ... weird. Still, I hope you'll understand my request.I'm the owner of a rog gaming laptop (g750j...

G75VW Audio Problem - Internal Speakers and Headphones

I can't find anything specific to my actual problem in my several hours of searching and testing. I just got a G75VW laptop working and installed WIndows 7 Pro on it. It wasn't mine originally so I've never actually seen it work correctly. I Insta...