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upgrade from hdd to ssd on g750jw

Hi all, This is my first post. The hdd on my asus g750jw is deemed dead by a technician. I think it is a good time to replace it with ssd. So I need some guidance for buying it. I have the following questions:1) I believe I'll need a 2.5 inch sat...

Overclocking 4710HQ issues

I have a G551JM and I am trying to overclock and undervolt the CPU.I have raised all the core multipliers by 2 and undervolted by -90mv on core and cache.I can use my computer fine, play games, edit photos, rip DVDs and even had IntelBurntest going ...

Love the G751JT-CH71 Laptop (Just have some minor issues)

So a few months ago I purchased the Asus ROG G751JT-CH71 and I absolutely love it. I have no major issues with this laptop, it runs everything I've thrown at it beyond acceptably. The screen is beautiful, the keyboard feels right and it just overall ...

dcnorth by Level 7
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G751JT Microphone problem

HelloI have used S/PDIF input for microphone for long time, because with out boost i got very good voice reception over skype. Yesterday i have pluged in mic and pop up says only headphones and rear speakers are offered?Before that i got Mic listed a...

Cracken by Level 7
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will Windows 10 update last forever?

so i was wondering, since the asus rog laptops came with windows 8.1 preinstalled and activated (therefore original), when microsoft officially releases windows 10, that update will last forever or we have to buy a license key after a year, like ever...

skajuan by Level 7
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Asus Rog G73jh Black screen !

Hey guys i am new to this forum...Lets make it a short story...i bought a used asus rog g73jh , the one with the ATI 5870 . Yesterday i thought to clean the laptop and apply new thermal paste as the temperatures were 59-60 of both the CPU and GPU whi...

G551 BSOD Driver_Power_State_Failure

Good day!I recently bought an Asus G551. After a week, I got this Driver_Power_State_Failure. I thought I just need to update some drivers, so I checked the control panel to see if there were outdated drivers. I haven't found any.After some time it o...

New Asus G750JS laptop overheating problems

Hi everyone,I just bought a new Asus G750js i installed windows 8.1 pro on it and updated everything,after that i went on asus support page and got all the latest drivers there and installed them one by one (after each install i restarted the laptop)...