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Very quick question about BIOS

Hello guysI am about to update my bios but one small trouble.What is the difference between G750JZ and G750JZA. which one should I use? Any ideas?Thanks

Asus g55 heat

Alright, my G55 is pretty old now. Bought it back in 2012. Using MSI Afterburner, I found out that the GPU is running at over 90 degrees under load. I've read that this laptop might have problems with cooling because of a plastic film between the hea...

My rog g750jz's gpu feels like its melting down

Hello,I think I have a problem with the gpu temperature. Since cleaning the fans is not a option (it requires to tear apart my whole laptop) ,had to ask you guys if its normal to be rocking +85 celsius while playing diablo 3 on 880m with v-sync. And ...

BIOS problems

Hi, I'm new to the forum,I have a G750JM, and was installing the 2002 version of Microsoft Publisher so that I could do something for school. When it started to install, the computer blue screened and shut down. At first, I thought it was just a fluk...

gary600 by Level 7
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Slow Bluetooth transfer speed between S3 and Windows (G75VW)

Well, I feel kinda n00b:Is it normal that the Bluetooth transfer speed between Windows 8.1 and the Samsung S3 is just about 170 kb/s?I got the latest Bluetooth drivers and the Asus site says that I should have Bluetooth 4.0 on my laptop: http://www.a...

Fetito by Level 7
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Fast startup mode :G750JS

Fast startup mode is way too fast for me to get into my bios, too wipe my admin/ master bios password for my G750JS!This is has never happened before, "first time for everything, I guess"! Anyhow, before I forget, .....a big hello to everyone here! ...

Asus + Nvidia + Intel : BIg issue (G551JM-CN102H)

Hi, I wonder if it is normal that I have access to a limited part of the nvidia control panel with my GeForce 860M? had the same issue with the first Asus I have bought : G551JM (I made me reimburse because of a de...

myopyo by Level 7
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