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New G751 - Notice Anything Missing?

Hello All. We have several Asus products in our home and have never had any issues whatsoever with any of them. Recently I was in the market for a gaming laptop and decided on a G751. Well, I received my new 751JT-CH71 yesterday. I decided on thi...

lectric by Level 7
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GL771 Video Problem

Hi, I am new here, I just got a new GL771 the other day. Everything works great on it but when I got wow installed and tried to play it. I was getting line and a lot of screen blinking and even going complete black for like 3 sec before coming back...

lyship by Level 7
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How to enter ROG bios utility on G70JX?

Clearly I'm missing something. When I go into the BIOS I just see the common "blue" screen with very limited options, yet on many guides here for overclocking etc. I see this fancy screen. How do I get that advanced screen?


G750 problem with SDHC card and connecting camera

I had some photos from a Panasonic camera and I wanted to move them to my computer. First I tried putting the SDHC card in directly, but while it recognized the card was there, it showed no files. So I tried using a cord to connect the camera itself ...

Avisia by Level 7
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