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G751 Bluray Playback?

Just purchased this laptop over a week ago and havent had the chance to test out the bluray playback. Well.... i tried it out the other day and found out, these laptops dont come with bluray software?First i came to the forums looking for some answer...

G750JX(770M) plays the witcher 3 pretty damn well

Guys, i can run these new titles and they look fantastic, great frame rate and almost everything turned up, I use overclocking buti'm sensible on it and don't go too heavy on my system. I've had problems with nvidia drivers in the past and had to rev...

Can't program Macro key to mute/unmute sound?

My previous laptop was ASUS N550JK and has only one additional key 0 i have programed to mute/unmute sound.And here G751JY i have 3 macro keys, but whenever i try to record Fn+F10 it records ^D and do nothing.Can somebody help me achieve one click mu...

G55/G75 Series Useful Threads

Upgrading:[GUIDE] G55/G75 Upgrade NotesUpgrading G75VW [ASUS Notes]Adding RAM to G75OS Install:Fresh Install of Win8 Pro Over Win8 On G55 (by @Ratspootin)CLEAN WINDOWS 8 INSTALL ON GPT SSD DRIVE (G75VX) (by @gokica)G75VX WINDOWS 7 CLEAN INSTALL (by @...

X-ROG by Level 15
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G750js gta v

Hi everyoneI installed GTA V on my asus g750js i had a problem with processor heat i sent it to the seller they said it just needed change of paste(2weeks after i bought it)i just wanted to know what kind of cpu and gpu temps u get when playingi am p...

Help needed! Accidental loss of data

I accidentally clicked startup repair during booting ,aborted it midway only to find that upon rebooting only The startup repair or start normally were options .No safe mode or system restore.Forced to do a startup repair as my G75VW was not booting ...

Rogmilo by Level 7
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G751 Owners - Purchase Satisfaction Poll

When reading through this forum, people who have not (yet) bought a G751 Laptop might think this unit is a train wreck with a GPU so I thought I'd ask among those who have actually purchased and used their unit:Are you happy with your Asus G751 Lapto...

ROGTWAT by Level 7
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