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Performance not what I expected (Strix Scar 3)

I recently purchased a strix scar 3 (G531GW) and I haven't been hitting the frames I expected to. My specs arei7-9750HRTX 207016 GB (Single-Channel) memoryOn a lot of review videos I see frames with the same model performing much better, though those...

DScrete by Level 7
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Solved - G750JW Realtek Audio Level Jumping

Hi, After years of trying to find a solution to fix loud audio level bumps when playing/pausing video and music files I have finally found a fix! Go to device manager, flip the arrow open next to "Sound, Video and Game Controllers". You'll see:1. ...

tpir72 by Level 7
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ROG G752VSK fan always on

I've had this laptop since september 2017 and my god, I love this thing. Problem is though that lately the fans have been constantly on, if quietly. To be honest, I'm scared of opening this thing up and cleaning it, as the last time I did something s...

omeggga by Level 8
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My ASUS User Forum Account Has Been Hacked:

I have been posting to these forums for more than 8 years. I believe my posts are helpful to some. About a month ago I noticed my reputation icon was removed from all my posts.When can I expect a solution to this situation? Perhaps this is a hint, th...

Can you Extend the Warranty on an old Laptop?

.. probably a dumb question.When I bought my laptop 3 years ago, I got 2 years extended warranty. (It paid itself off most definitely)Is it possible to buy another Asus Warranty Package, and apply it to my laptop for another 2 years for ease of mind?

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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Dual-booting Windows 8.1 & Ubuntu 14.04 in G751JT

I looked around a few threads and a couple of website in order to install Ubuntu 15.04 along with the Windows 8.1 which is already installed in my G751JT. I eventually had to mix up a few methods each websites had to make my G751JT dualboot Ubuntu 15...

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D_Pain by Level 9
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low quality battery in G75x ?

After reading several stories/posts about bad battery, I check the battery status on each laptops aroundrun powercfg /bateryreport on Windows 8.1 or windows 10 command promptrun powercfg /energy on windows 7interesting finding:zBook still 100% of de...

cdma2k by Level 7
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G752VT - Installing a second SSD M.2 (DONE)

Hi all.I'm not a SSD guru and my english is not good, but i would share my experience just hoping that could be useful for someone.I've bought a G752VT-GC173T equipped with a Samsung PM951/128GB (MZVLV128HCGR) as O.S. disk and a Hitachi HTS721010A9E6...

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IWILZ by Level 7
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How to disable G731GU "w" lock function

I've accidentally activated this mode, but I'm not exactly sure how, I know it had something to the key I circled though. I fixed the issue by restarting my pc, but I want to know how this is toggled so I can avoid activating it in the future. Also i...