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Windows 8.1 Fade or Watermark or Imprint or Shadow

This is killing me!I have a G751, and when I open or leave a window, a faded image of the last window that was open is seen on the lower left of the display. I've looked everywhere and can't find how to turn this off?It eventually fades away to the s...

G750JW BSOD Possible Memory Issues

Hey all, I bought a G750JW last summer. Back in December it started giving me BSOD's. At first it was just the odd BSOD maybe once a day (usually while browsing the internet or streaming Netflix as that's primarily what it gets used for with some lig...

HORRIBLE Customer Service G751

Hello, My name is Trever Quenneville. I purchased a G751JT about a month and a half ago and about 2 weeks after owning it my touch-pad completely went out. I reinstalled the drivers, reinstalled the operating system. Contacted their customer support ...