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new g751JL-BS17T28 will not power on.

about 30 minutes ago i purchased this new machine from best buy, and after plugging it in, pressed the power button... nothing. i called asus and they said to wait 3 hours to charge and then try it. is this true? or did i get a brick in a box? i'v ha...

bcasio by Level 7
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Absurdly high CPU temperatures when playing some games

So I've been replaying RAGE recently and I've noticed that when I'm playing, the CPU temperature reaches as high as 98 C at some points. As a result, I took my computer in to the shop in order to get the thermal paste repasted, but even then, the tem...

G750 - TouchPad acting up

Hello guys...I just got the Asus g750 few days ago and noticed something interesting on this machine and wonder if you have find this out to be case with your machine. My machine works perfect with no issues, however if i place lap top on glass table...

Slavisha by Level 10
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G750JX Just show a black screen (Will not boot)

The problem :The computer will not start, and I can not access bios via F2 as the computer just shows a black screen.What I 've tried :1) Reset bios on jumper.2 ) Take the power by removing both batteries.3 ) Check ram blocks.4 ) Reinstall the bios 2...

Amiond by Level 7
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Will G750JZ run The Witcher 3?

As in the title, in your opinion can that notebook run The Witcher 3 and wich setting we're going to use?Mine is G750JZ-T4129H with 880m 8GB and i7-4710 HQ 2.5 Ghz.On certain sites, they say that I will have problems and must run the game with medium...

G50 Recovery Disc goes to ERROR

I have used them before but now I go to recover and this huge ERROR sign fills the screen. What is going on now? I have had more problems with this laptop than anything I ever owned. G50 gaming Can anyone help with this? I have tried every...

sk33967 by Level 7
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GPU 970m temperature?

all games i play have about 55 grad celsius (MSI afterburner)but witcher 3 tops my temperature to 68-69 grad celsius.. is it dangerous for my card? no overclock