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G750JZ GTX880M 'optimus' issue!!!!!!

Hi guys,i bought an Asus G750JZ 2 weeks ago. I have upgraded my OS to win 8.1 x64 and i'm having huge issues with my GPU. I have a GTX 880M 3GB on this laptop + a crap integrated Intel HD 4600, the issue here is that for the majority of the games the...

G74SX screen issue.

Greetings all,I'm having some difficulties with my G74SX notebook - specifically, the screen not displaying anything when turned on.The laptop powers on and boots fine, and what appears to be a light behind the screen turns on and tints the otherwise...

Mars by Level 7
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Future G751 features wishlist

- 5Th generation I7 - 6 USB Ports ( 4 USB 3.0 AND 2 USB 3.1)- G SYNC PANEL - PCI 16X slot for external Desktops- Move the macro buttons somewhere else (to the left)- Type C Connector

Stipkoo by Level 7
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Hi, Guys!Got my G751JY-DH71 for 4 months already.I am playing World of Warcraft WoD, and Witcher 3, nvidia suggested settings.In both I get GPPU 84-87 degrees Celcium, CPU 63-79 degrees Celcium.It is a problem...What should I do?Bios - 207Nvidia driv...

battery drain or liftime?

my laptop runs at 0.8 ghz only 1.40 hour on battery when i watch stream, is this a issue?have the feeling that this was earlier more time...what time show yours battery symbol when unplug from 100% ?Designed Capacity: ...

new g751JL-BS17T28 will not power on.

about 30 minutes ago i purchased this new machine from best buy, and after plugging it in, pressed the power button... nothing. i called asus and they said to wait 3 hours to charge and then try it. is this true? or did i get a brick in a box? i'v ha...

bcasio by Level 7
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Absurdly high CPU temperatures when playing some games

So I've been replaying RAGE recently and I've noticed that when I'm playing, the CPU temperature reaches as high as 98 C at some points. As a result, I took my computer in to the shop in order to get the thermal paste repasted, but even then, the tem...