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how to install Windows 8 onto my new SSD

I just purchased the samsung 850 evo for my g751jt. Currently it has wnidows 8 OS on the 1tb HDD. I would like to make my SSD the primary OS and the other my data drive(slave). But i have no idea what to do! the laptop did not come with a recovery...

[G53JW] Laptop bricked after BIOS update (second time!)

TL;DR - I updated my BIOS and now my laptop is completely non-responsive.Backstory: I bought my G53JW from Newegg in March of 2011. The first day I got the laptop, I updated my BIOS using the EasyFlash utility. I even used a USB drive like it recomme...

Carson by Level 8
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ROG Badge on notebook

Ill keep this short. Does ASUS make a cover for the ROG series laptops? ive been looking at the G751 to use for work and play(I travel alot), but I do not want my clients seeing the 'Republic of Gamers" logo on my notebook.

dbpavey by Level 8
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g751jy runinng osx

anyone can help me to intsall (not virtual machine) a osx , i need for a project to program something osx ?? ive found a tutorial for g750j but not for g751specs : 4860hq , 980m , 16ram , 500ssd + 1tb hdd

lmujaj by Level 7
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Overclocking gtx 860m

Hi guys,I have question ; I did oc my gpu (860m) core clock +215MHZ and memory clock +670MHZ without raise voltage. On this values runs fine. When I set core clock a little bit higher +220 i have crashes i games. Can you tell me please how to fix thi...

Asus G751 Bios Flash Failed

Hello , ive bought an ASUS ROG G751JT , its 2 days old , i wanted to upgrade the last bios , so i used Asus winflash utility , it restarted , then on the screen it sayd its erasing the old bios , and when it got to 10% it shuted down .The laptop turn...

Roli by Level 7
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Need help with Asus Backtracker....

Guys sorry for bothering you again...:(I posted a thread the other day about some issues with my battery ( asked for support to ASUS and i was told ...

G551J keyboard missing keystrokes

Hello everyone, I already found similar problems in a 550/750 section, but the solution was to disable touchpad from bios.If I do that, my whole keyboard isn't working anymore, so I still have a problem of missing keystrokes if I type fast.Is there A...