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Someone could help me with an issue with the battery??

Hello Everyone!Im having a problem with the battery configuration...I was just browsing in the internet and watching some videos while i had the battery at "energy saving", but a few minutes later i found that it switched back to "High Performance".....

g75vw help finding drivers

HII have posted before about waking the g75vw from sleep using mouse and keyboard and most told me it was not possible, but since I have gotten it to work in the past I know it is possible and its even in the manual Sleep is the same as Suspend-to-RA...

Extra Power Cord / AC adapter for G751JM

Does anyone know a good solution for an extra power cord? I have the G751JMI've found this , but not sure if it really is compatible or if it really works. Any thoughts?

guvadc by Level 7
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Witcher 3 Performance

Very, very well optimized game! As well as the best game I've played in a long while, probably the best RPG for me as well. I'm running it on ultra (except for NVIDIA Hairworks) on my GTX970m(overclocked @160+ core, 270+mem), and this card is amazing...

ASUS G750JY... a slap in the face to G751 owners?

I mean seriously, ASUS are bringing out a new version of an old and classic design with a 980M, that I am sure they are aware people prefer (otherwise logially why release an old design?) due to the sleek back design and white keyboard keys that are ...

Richdog by Level 7
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ASUS G60JX won't Turn on

Hi, my ASUS G60JX suddenly won't turn on. At first, when I just plugin the charger (without turning on) it works normal and it charges the battery. But when I press the power button it boots up about 3 - 5 seconds then shuts off. The green light in m...

Should I get a WQHD or 4K monitor for my G751JY?

I've posted many times on this board that I want an external monitor for my JY, but now I can't get my brain to come to a decision: should I throw my money at a 1440p monitor immediately, or wait until 4K monitors are more affordable?4K monitors are ...

G751JY DH72X Port Multiplier Capable

I've read comments by several individuals on several forums around the internet that drive bay 1 is SATA 3, drive bay2 (HDD) is SATA 2 and drive bay 3 (ODD:Optical Drive) is SATA 1. This does not make sense to me but maybe it'sjust me. Anyway, I'm...