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Asus G74S laptop screen not working

So my screen doesn't turn on at all, not even the back light of the screen. Laptop powers on and hear the fans and hard drives running but no sound that windows is loading up. Also no disply at all though a hdmi cable to tv or monitor when connected...

Pumpya by Level 7
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Use Nvidia for Laptop Display instead of Intel

Current conditionTitle says it all.I have already gone into "manage 3d settings" and set the nvidia card as the default for games; however, I can't use it for the laptop display.Help plz.Also already tried going into BIOS but there is no chipset opti...

Serzet by Level 7
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Hi.I have one question if somebody can HELP me.Everything was great until yesterday when I tried to start. After Asus logo, HDD stop work screen remains black, and after about 2 minutes, laptop turn off. After a couple of attempts to start they final...


G771 video card problems

Hello!I recently bought Asus G771JM with 12Gb ram, 1T hdd and GTX860 2Gb.But since first day I have some issues with screen lags.First lags appear on laptop boot up. Youtube link for video of booting is: . ...

g751jt bluetooth problem pls help

I already paired my bluetooth android to my g751jt also i used cmd run fsquirt i want receive or send some file my laptop doest recognized pls help sorry for bad english

Can I reseat keyboard buttons?

One of my keyboard keys seem to be sticking onto something when I push it down, causing it to rebound back up with an annoying thwack. Is it possible to manually remove and reseat the key? Thanks.

The witcher 3 coupon code?

i have bought the asus rog g751jy but I have saw that you become a coupon code to win the wither 3 but I don't know were it is can someone help me