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Asus G551JM vs G551JM

Greetigs all,My asus N55SF seems to be on its last legs unfortunately after two and years of sold use so since it was very realiable thought i'd still with asus, my budget is 700-800 ideally and looking at a machine like my previous which could handl...

G75VW | Constant Tick Sound

Hello,I have been using the Asus G75VW for almost 3 years now and I haven't faced any problems yet. But suddenly, it has started making a weird tick sound from the left side (where the subwoofer is located) and it never stops. It goes on when I turn ...

Ned by Level 7
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THX Trustudio "real" settings?

Hi.There's an abundance of threads regarding THX TruStudio and Realtek Audio in here.I have a G74SX, which is shipped with both RealTek and THX TruStudio. THX is an equaliser (?) with 3 pre-defined settings: External speakers, headphones and built-in...

Pogwak by Level 7
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G7SX battery led blinking and not charging...

I have an ASUS G74SX, it has stopped working. When I plug in the power the battery LED starts blinking red and when I turn it on, and log into Windows, the battery icon shows a red cross accross it and soon after the laptop turns off.What would be th...

G74sx Bios Password

This is getting very tiresome, I am looking to never buying ASUS again because of this issue with the Bios password. SSD is fried after trying to restore the win 7 Home prem 64 bit. Asus want 400 + for a new SSD when I know I can get them for less th...

Asus g73jw no video even after hw replacement

So my laptop has been practically dead for almost a year now. Changed motherboard, rams and video card, still broken: The power button light comes on, light under screen comes on, cd drive and fans spin but no video to laptop or external screen.Does ...

i have this problem with the speakers

I did every ****ing thing this forum has offerd to fixed the damn speaker but nothing help! damn do I need to return this laptop or what like wtf, and stop throing update suggestion I used at least 6 diffrent drivers none of them works, I dont care a...

OR6564 by Level 7
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G751JY OS Migration problem

Hi guys,I would like to share with you my problem migrating my OS (128GB SS) to my new 256 SSD 850 Pro.I have a G751JY laptop with i7 4720HQ (3.6Ghz), GTX 980m, 32GB DDR3-RAM with 128GB SSD (Sandisk X300s) and 1TB HDD.I recently bought a Samsung 850 ...

G751J Left USB problems?

Just picked up a G751J laptop and i love it very much and hope i can get some insight on this problem.I have already updated BIOS and Drivers as well.I have posted a video to show what happens.I have a 64GB HyperX 3.0 Drive and i have had no problems...