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G751JY and LG 34UM95 with Thunderbolt Cable Trouble

Thanks in advance for any help. Having an issue with getting the G751JY to connect to the LG 34UM95 display via a Thunderbolt Cable.Uninstalled NVidia Drivers, used Driver Sweeper, uninstalled Thunderbolt Drivers, reinstalled both. Thunderbolt manage...

dice83 by Level 7
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Can I run The Elder Scrolls Online ?

Hey all, I'm really sorry if I'm not on the right thread section! Basically I just bought a new laptop (ROG G750JX) - I had the Asus N76VZ before, but since I like 'heavy' games I've bought the G750JX. The question is if my ROG can run The Elder Scr...

Quasho by Level 7
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G75VX Max HDD possible?

What is the max. HDD I can put in my laptop?I have a 512 SSD and a 1Tb HDD. I want to replace the 1 Tb for a 2 Tb. Can I just go ahead with that?ThanksI Saw a WD Green WD20NPVX - Hard drive - 2 TB - internal - 2.5" - SATA-600 - buffer: 8 MB for...

pka4916 by Level 7
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Hibernation during gameplay

I have this most strange issue. While playing games, like Assetto Corsa or Diablo 3 (so games wich are really below the specsof a g750) my computer goes into hibernation. If i then press the power button i can resume where i was with no problems, i...

Skree83 by Level 8
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G771 BIOS Boot Override

Hi all. I asked this question in another website, and they basically gave me circular answers (i.e. no help).I am trying to side boot a Linux OS from my USB. My USB is formatted as a live boot, tested on another computer, so I know it works.I have ...

Jahfra by Level 7
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g74sx new mb issues

i reciently got my motherboard replaced and now when i turn my computer on i get a white screen shortly after and stays there. i really need to get my computer working. all the cables look like they are all in good working condition. plz help asap

G751JY - Gaming Center - MacroKey not Initializing

Good morning folks. Seem to be stuck on this. I'm trying to setup the MacroKey function within the Gaming Center program, but no matter if I launch the MacroKey program from the Gaming Center or directly, it does not initialize. I've even tried us...

iCeD00D by Level 7
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Need help downloading games

I just got my G751 and I really love it but when I try to download any more than one or two games it say my storage is full, my question is how do I download games to the other internal storage drives?

G750jz screen brightness auto adjusting with options off

Just recently, my g750jz screen started auto controlling the brightness with the feature turned off for both AC and battery in the power and performance settings. It is subtle, but I can tell, and tested it with AE lock on a camera I have. With the c...

Sean72 by Level 7
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