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Asus ROG G751JM Stylus?

Hi I have this laptop and am interested in getting it a stylus.My Q is which stylus work on that display and if anyone knows the sensitivity level of the screen?Thank you for the helpers

G752 keyboard not functioning

Hey all,I ran into a strange issue today upon starting my laptop and discovering the keyboard no longer functioned. To be more specific the Caps Lock is stuck on and the entire keyboard EXCEPT for the Camera and M1-5 keys no longer functions. There w...

G531GT problems, and armoury crate, etc. Delta headset

G531GTI too have recently purchased the delta headset.This said, Things have gone haywire for my computer. as somehow armoury crate was uninstalled, and i reinstalled it, but now things are not working completely as before. It has also changed the na...

Lagging when gaming via wifi - g751jt

Hi guys,I just recently bought a g751jt and loves it. However, i havet noticed that when playing cs go the game will lagg just suddenly every time. I am using wifi 5ghz and i am about 1 feet away from the router. My downloading speed is excellent an...

raim_ by Level 7
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Problems with my ROG G703GXR

Started having issues with my G703GXR on Saturday. It used to be a beast that could handle everything i threw at it, but for some reason on saturday no matter what game I play i get constant spats of low frame rates that last about 5 seconds each tim...

ROG G752VS screen problem

Hey.So... This problem is kicking my arse a bit. I'm not sure if my screen is somehow dented inward (unlikely since the laptop never moves) or if some LED decided it didn't want to work right anymore and wanted me to replace it. I'm sending a couple ...

84529 84530
omeggga by Level 8
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G531GW Sudden refresh rate changing

Hi, I bought my first gaming laptop, Scar 3 G531GW about last 2 months.Recently, I've encounter an issue with the monitor display. I normally game on my laptop will it is charging.When charging, my monitor on my laptop will change from 60hz to 240hz ...

JonTeoh by Level 7
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Help - G752VY-T7049T Replacement Screen Question

Disappointingly my laptop screen has developed a problem it has a green tint to it and shows lots of screen burn effect which makes it really hard to use. I have plugged in an external screen and this works just fine so the issue seems to be the scre...