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Emulate wheel click on touchpad on G550JK

Hi guys!My first post here! I'm loving my new Asus ROG G550JK, but I'm having trouble finding a solution to one problem:How do I emulate wheel click on touchpad?For example, when I click on a link with the wheel on a mouse, Chrome opens a link in new...

Asus G750jh keeps shutting down unexpectedly

Hi AllPlease help. My laptop has started to just turn off, like the power cable is unplugged, recently. I don't keep the battery in while on mains power as I want to protect the longevity of it.Please refer to the image.Your help will be much appreci...

Roetsy by Level 7
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g750jx - new power supply?

hi,i have a g750jx, there are two slices in the cord attached to the power supply. ive taped it up.Do you think ASUS would send me a new power supply free of charge? thanks

Multiple important questions about G751JM

After waiting more than 1 month for an ASUS G750JY to arrive I got tired of waiting, cancelled the order and bought a G751JM that was in stock. Did I do the right thing or should I have waited even more since this is my first gaming laptop ever and a...

GL771 RoG Laptop - Backplate Removal

I just bought the GL771 RoG laptop, I'm replacing the HD with a SSD, and I already have it cloned, It appears there is one removable plate on the bottom toward the front,. I just want to make sure I wont break it. It appears to have one slot to pry ...