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G751JM Best Buy Version

Ok, so I caved today and bought the BB version of the G751JM ( 24 months 0% financing helped). I have not unboxed it yet though.....In regards to the 860m that is in this G751JM , is it the one based off the Haswell, or Maxwell? In other words, is i...

guvadc by Level 7
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Are the Asus drivers and G751JT pages working for you?

I did a clean install on my Windows today and when I was about to go on the site for drivers the page with the support button and the ones I found as links on here show as almost blank like no images or anything are they down or something ?

ASUS G751JT - Power Button Issue

Hello guys! First of all , thank you for taking the time in looking into my problem .I've had my laptop for almost 3 months now and I have a problem with the Power button from the beginning. It does not respond and I have to press it multiple times i...

Lid closed all the time, healthy or not?

Hey guys! I have g750 js and i love it!! I am using it as dekstop computer, have attached monitor, keyboard and mouse to it and while i was playing a tough comein my head "is it ok to keep the lid closed all the time"? I keep the laptop monitor turne...

matau by Level 9
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Torx screws on bottom G550J panel?

I am looking to replace my HDD with an SSD in my RoG G550J, and I know I have to remove the bottom panel to get to it. Problem is, it is held on with very tiny torx screws, and I cannot find anywhere that tells me what size torx driver I need (the sm...

gsurber by Level 7
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G551j Wrong BIOS and BOOT resolution

It's a little annoying that this beautiful fullHD IPS screen displays the BIOS and the WIndows Boot screen in 1024×768. There's should be a BIOS upgrade to change this to 1920×1080.

Recommendation For Larger M.2 SSD

I have a G751JY that has the 256GB M.2 SSD and I want to get a larger one for more space. I'm looking for a 512GB or 1TB M.2 SSD. What would you guys recommend?

Which G751JY Memory (Ram) ?

Hi guys. I ordered Asus G751JY.I have the laptop will be within 3 4 days. But i want to improve RAM(Memory). Its stock memory is 8 GB. I want upgrade to 16 GB. Should i buy same ram on the laptop (samsung) ? or can i buy other brands for example king...

azosial by Level 7
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g75vx bricked now doesnt start

hii have g75vx and flashed a bios that was not the right it froze..then i unplugged it and plugged back in... no power though... nothing its dead...i unplugged battery and power and i'll leave it till morning... maybe it will reset... any i...

New G751JL Owner - would like to install SSD and move OS

Good morning all,I'm a new G751JL owner and love the machine. However, I'd like to install a 256GB Samsung SSD to the machine, and then move my OS+ main games over to the new SSD and keep the existing 1TB as a media storage/lesser used games drive. ...

Daefish by Level 7
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