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G501 Gaming Performance feedback

Hey Guys, I'm a little disappointing with the frame rates I'm getting as they are not close to what I've seen in other reviews. I've so far checked my frame count using ShadowPlay and for Battlefield 3 I get these averages:Ultra - 18 fpsHigh - 28 fp...

asus g551jx recovery

Recently i bought a g551jx and i have partioned it ,but i have forgot to make a recovery of windows 8.1 ,Can anyone help me how to make a recovery of windows ,asus doesnt have any software for recovery of windows .

G74SX Secondary Hard Drive Ribbon

A couple of days ago, I took apart my G74 in order to inspect a failing motherboard before I got a new one. It seemed to go smoothly, but I should've realized something:In life something will always go wrong on your first time doing something.Anyways...

Setup for new G771 and samsung 250GB evo ssd, No OS?

So, just got G771JW. It is 12GB ram, 1TB + 256GB ssd m.2 model. I also bought samsung 250GB evo ssd. No OS.My question is what to do first. Install OS on m.2 ssd (can that be done, some say it is not bootable) and the put in second ssd, or install ss...

arrdes by Level 7
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ASUS G75VX - HDD Slow Issues

Hi,I just purchased the ASUS G75VX to replace my desktop PC. It's great but for the 2nd HDD it always has to spin up when I want to access it. I have in my power options to never put the HDD to sleep but it seems like it's doing it as I will open win...

datacore by Level 7
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What monitor to buy for my ROG G751-JT

Hello everyone I am new to all of this and meed aome feed back. Recently i bought a Rog g751 and have to say the game play is amazing. I also tun autocad on it for school and the rendering is awesome. No complaints.I was wondering what monitor woul...

Gear932 by Level 7
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I started a petition thread on NVidia's forums for GSync

Hello everyoneNot trying to start a new discussion thread about G751 and GSync.I am just sharing the link, so the active members on such threads can share their desire for the unlocked drivers in an official format from NVidia.Link:https://forums.gef...