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How to disable G731GU "w" lock function

I've accidentally activated this mode, but I'm not exactly sure how, I know it had something to the key I circled though. I fixed the issue by restarting my pc, but I want to know how this is toggled so I can avoid activating it in the future. Also i...

Strix SCAR III G531GW Touchpad Issues

I recently got this laptop from newegg, and everything is working pretty much perfectly with one exception: the touchpad. It randomly gets very jumpy, and under-responsive at times. At first I thought it was related to the surface the laptop was sitt...

W10 cumulative 3/2020 broke Aura on G703gxr?

EDIT: it seems the aura sync causes these problems: if i have aura sync on and i type anything on the keyboard for a few seconds, the aura lighting freezes. The cumulative did not break stuff.Somewhat annoying, i dont particulary enjoy the default ra...

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