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g551jx abnormal temp

Recently i bought g551jx and was just copying the games from the external hardisk to the internal hardisk and the temp was showing 69 deg . Is this normal. After the copy was over the temp was 55 deg ?.Is this normal for this laptop .its just a brand...

[HELP] ASUS ROG G550-JX Won't Turn ON!

I have a problem with my G550-JX.chronology: 1. laptop is standby, I just plugged out my HDMI cable from my TV, and bringing the laptop to my bedroom.2. I plug in the charger3. I plug in my Zenfone 5. 4. laptop is dead!if I pressed power : 1. power b...

Pause a Reformatted G750JS Laptop

Hi guys! I own a G750JS Laptop and have decided to reformat it at around 11:30AM. 3 hours have passed, it's already 2:30PM right now and it's still at 17%. I have to catch a flight at 8PM today and had no idea that it would take more than half a day ...

G501 Replacement Key caps?

Hey everyone,So I'm onto my 3rd G501. My first one had terrible black screen flickering whenever I open or closed the computer. My second one had a key completely pop off (the plastic hinges/notches snapped) and couldn't keep it back on. Now I'm o...

G751 - HDMI no longer works after Win 10

Hello everyone first time poster so please bear with me. I just recently upgraded my G751JT-CH71 from Win 8.1 to Win 10. Everything went fine and the laptop works perfectly except the HDMI out. That laptop was working fine and actually started the up...

G751 - Tips & tricks? + Questions I need answered! Im new

Hello,I am new to the forums and hope to contribute at sometime.I am a new owner of the Asus G751JY and what led me to buy this beast of a machine is basically... just a beast!I have owned desktops and laptops in the past and this is the biggest purc...

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