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g750 elan touchpad tap->click unreliable

this problem began suddenly the other day, no new software was installed. my touchpad is configured to left click with single finger tap, right with two fingers. This has become VERY unreliable and seems to only work when I just barely touch the pad ...

Clicking subwoofer sound

Guys need your help. my g751jt subwoofer at left is making clicking sound when i play video. Sounds are not playing also. And now get gets worst. Now it produce clicking sound with or without playing video. I tried other realtek audio drivers but do...

G501 Black screen after logo startup

Recently, my brother just got his g501 about a month. He is getting BSOD of the video error. So after googling, the solution is to uninstall intel driver. So as he did that. Upon restart, he can't get into windows anymore, just getting a black screen...

Problem with NUMPAD Keys falling off

I'm am really disappointed. I love Asus and I love the style of this laptop but I have two main problems. One I don't like the fact that the DS71 collects fingerprints like crazy (I got over that fact, just a cosmetic issue). Two, the keys fall off i...

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Factory Settings on G751J

Hi guys, My notebook came with Windows 8.1 preinstalled in it.My pc just updated itself to windows 10 and I would like to restore to restore my notebook into factory settings. I tried using the F9 button to reset, but I just got Windows 10 clean setu...

G750JW won't start after a reset

Hello, my Asus G750JW won't startup after I tried to reset windows 10 on it. It keeps sending me to a Blue Screen of Death that says I have an inacessable boot device. I don't know what caused this since I was just trying to reset windows. I have an ...