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Corrupted drive after cloning?

Hi guys. Owner of a G751jt here.Was wondering if any of you with the right knowledge could possibly help me out.1. I cloned my drive to an SSD, but there seems to be a problem with the built in Backup (windows7).It keeps giving me a 0x800700002 error...

Vescada by Level 7
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Asus G74 won't turn on , quick led flashing red

Hello all mighty forum!Please helpMy G74 SX won't turn on anymore, on ac or on battery Only thing I see is a flashing red line on battery LED I changed CMOS battery and it turned green once but It flashes red again later ...Any help ! Please

51084 51084

Request a Lights Off Mode

Hi, I would like to request to have a Lights Off or Movie mode, i.e, i would like to have a way of temporary disable the activity lights in front of the mouse pad, because they are extremely annoying and put tape on top of them when watching a movie ...

G75 mouse buttons stop working

Hi there,I am having a problem with the mouse buttons on my G75. I can press them normally but they dont respond on screen. The funktion of the mouse buttons itself seem to be disabled but the mousepad is working normally.any ideas?Thanks in advance ...

Andili by Level 7
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G750JW adding a SSD

Hello, i just bought my G750JW and it does not come with a SSD, so i bought one hahanow i really don't know what to do. do i need a driver? how can i put my windows 8 there?Thank you for your time!

Ovelha by Level 7
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Which G751JY to choose? Need counsel.

Hey Guys,It's time for me to change old G53 notebook. I have two options of G751JY, please advise me which one I should choose.1. G751JY-​T7012HMain spec.Intel Core i7-4860HQNVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M16 GB RAM256 GB SSD1 TB HDDand so on2. G751JY-T7370HM...

ASUS G751JM clone HDD to SSD help

Hi there! I am having some problems with my transition from the stock HDD to a Samsung 850 Pro 256GB SSD. This is my first time working with an SSD and I would appreciate any help that can be provided. I've read a few of the forum posts here about c...

Gabbard by Level 7
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G551JW-CN105H Real specs?

Hello, sorry for my bad english in advance I live in Perú and i want to buy this model G551JW-CN105H and the web where I will buy the laptop show those specs:SCREEN 15.6 PULG LCD TFT LED WIDE MAX RESOLUTION 1920X1080 LED BACKLIGHTCPU INTEL CORE i7 47...