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ASUS will not support upgrade to WIndows 10 for G75VW

Hi allAfter asking ASUS this question:[Problem Description]Will I be able to fully upgrade my G75VW from WIndows 7 x64 to Windows 10 x 64? The first few attempts to upgrade I've had problems with the VIA HD Audio driver. Do you intend to provide a Wi...

Ruffler by Level 7
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G73jh SSD upgrade doesn't work

So I have had my G73JH for a couple years now. It had a lot of internal VGA issues, but they were recently fixed. I wanted to upgrade my hard drive to an SSD, so it would run like a son of a bitch lol. I wanted to start with a fresh load of windows 7...

Integrated GPU for DX12

According to this article: will allow programs to send multiple commands to different GPUs simultaneously, and while it certainly will help those wit...

random G750js shutdowns after SSD and memory upgrade

Hello everyone, i updated my g750js with a brand new ssd and 8gb ram (16gb in total) and i started to suffer from random shutdowns. The notebook shutdown completely. So far it hapanes like 2-3 times but its really annoying.The new ssd drive is samsun...

matau by Level 9
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Now that OEM keys do not work....

Hello everyone I am new here and have looked around about various issues from time to time concerning my G73jh laptop. I recently experienced a HDD failure and replaced the stock HDD with an SSD. The problem? The recovery disks do not work. I have t...

Corrupted drive after cloning?

Hi guys. Owner of a G751jt here.Was wondering if any of you with the right knowledge could possibly help me out.1. I cloned my drive to an SSD, but there seems to be a problem with the built in Backup (windows7).It keeps giving me a 0x800700002 error...

Vescada by Level 7
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Asus G74 won't turn on , quick led flashing red

Hello all mighty forum!Please helpMy G74 SX won't turn on anymore, on ac or on battery Only thing I see is a flashing red line on battery LED I changed CMOS battery and it turned green once but It flashes red again later ...Any help ! Please

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