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Wireless / Bluetooth - Driver / Software

Howdy,G551JM's wireless and bluetooth driver is old, as usual, Asus, never updates its drivers until it has a critical preventing issue!Well 2 questions here:

Asus g750jm fan controller?

Hello everyone.I'm wondering if there is any working fan controller for cpu because I coudn't find any software on official asus page and programs like fanspeed etc just don't work.Also I have a problem with asus GPU Tweak as it doesn't show the slid...


G751JY-T7364H and PG278Q

Hello communityJust want to know if someone that actually have an G751JY-T7364H, that can answer me if this notebook is worth it, if it has G-Sync, and if it has successfully hooked up the notebook to a PG278Q, by displayportwhat was the result?Did y...

Cleaning dust from my ASUS G751JT

I don't want to use compressed air to clean dust from my G751JT. I'm a bit OCD about the health risks. Is it safe to use canless air on it? I heard vacuums are a no no because can damage the components. Concerned that canless air might do the same.O...

Gaweyne by Level 7
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G551JM : Which caddy and SSD should I buy ?

Hello everyone,I want to upgrade my Asus ROG G551JM-CN102H with an SSD, using the optical drive's slot.I'm a bit lost when it comes to caddies, and I'm also not sure which SSD I should buy.I read a lot of good things about the Crucial MX200, but ever...

Rej901 by Level 7
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Could a G75VW run 4k video?

Hi there, I was wandering if my G75VW could run 4k video? Because despite the fact that it's a powerful computer I couldn't play a 10 second video. These are the laptop details...Intel® Core™ i7 3610QM ProcessorDDR3 1600 MHz SDRAM, 16 GB SDRAMNVIDIA®...

Upgrading from G75 to G751

Hi! So I've been considering upgrading this laptop for a while now and found the G751, which at first clance I just thought was roughly the same but with better hardware.However when I looked closer into the laptops I noticed a few changes from the G...

G75VX Laptop shutting down randomly

I recently cleaned my G75VX and at first it was running fine but after a week it started shutting down without any warning. The shutting down isnt a normal log off and shut down process, its more of a removing all power from laptop shut down. It ju...

G751 shutdown doesn't actually shutdown? (Win10)

Read in YouTube comment from a person that nowadays not all laptops shutdown button doesn't actually shutdown but instead its just put in a hibernated state.And so have noticed that and it came quite to a shocker to me when I actually found out this ...

Zaedric by Level 8
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