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G751JY Vertical Stripes

HelloI bought an ASUS G751JY-T7056H 2 months ago and after 2 RMA i still havent found a solution for some vertical stripes that appears sometimes on the screen in green and grey backgrounds.My issue consist in some vertical stripes that appear on gr...

ikerf1 by Level 7
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Possible to install Windows 7 on G750?

I just got my G750 and so far I'm very happy with it. The only problem I have is Windows 8, which I really, really hate so far. (The underlying OS is ok, but the UI is not usable. Asus didn't make the OS so no hard feelings for that but I'm trying to...

Xbcxbc by Level 7
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Fix your g750jm Keyboard Light

My computer sufferd a broken networkcard when then computer arrived to me (g750jm) and after I haved sended it to RMA for fix it came back with a broken keyboard light (they changed motherboard and reset computer) The FN+f3 & f4 didn't work such as t...

G750jm, Lots of Lag Spikes in Battlefield 4

For some odd reason, my g750jm notebook has been having a hard time using my GPU fully, in MSI afterburner, I can clearly see that my GPU usage goes down to 11% during game and thus creating lots of spikes making my game play unplayable, I have updat...

G751J - Windows 8.1 - Keyboard backlight

Ive searched for hours and seriously cant find where to turn it off. the back light to the keyboard goes of in 2 minutes if that and id like to turn that off. Anyone know where this setting is found?


5 months I have the G751JY and it is a doubt about that...But I have a few issues that bugs me out...and it is incredible that not even a small solution or correction is given by ASUS. Because of that I ask you and your expertise dear Forum...

G73SW GTX 780M Upgrade

Hi all!I've done plenty of research to see what I'll need to do to upgrade my G73SW and I'm ready to lay down some cash for the GPU. Can any one please confirm I'm on the right track here? Components: G73SW 2D with 2860QMClevo GTX780M 4GBg7jh gpu hea...

G751 Windows 10 Pro from Windows 7 Ultimate?

Hi all,I have a question - I have 8.1 Home on the G751, I also have a retail version of Windows 7 Ultimate, and I am thinking of putting that on t the G751 to then upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, rather than the 8.1 Home to 10 Home... has anyone tried thi...

Windows 10 and G751 JT - T7050H

hello guysI have run into a problem with my G751 JTI upgraded to windows 10 and it gave me problems like freezing so that I have to force restart it most probably because of the NVIDIA GPU driver as sometimes a notification comes while playing some v...

Replacing hdd and installing windows

Hello. I have g551jw and I want to replace the HDD to SSD. After that I would have to install a new OS. My question is if I will install a fresh copy of windows 8.1, would my computer recognize it like an illegal copy?