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What G751 to buy

Been looking around to buy a new laptop, and wonder which one of these you guys think is the "best".I plan to use the laptop for 3+ years for mainly gaming and want steady performance.Price is not a big issue, but of course I want to get the most out...

Anton362 by Level 7
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(HELP) M2 SSD Setting for GL 552 JX

hello, i ve purchased GL 552 JX and Plextor PX G128 m6e M.2 2280 SSD. when i go to bios, i cant find my ssd on the list, neither in windows disk management. i found a link

epitel by Level 7
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G75VX Monitor black and battery don't charge

Greetings,Hi, I got a particular problem with my laptop G75vx Bios 206, video card NVidia GTX670MX, after I try to perform the overclock using the httuner topic, now my monitor don't show any display on the bios menu or the asus rog logo on the boot,...

G46VW HDD to SSD replacement: SSD can only use SATA 1.5?

Hi guys,I've finally replaced the pretty crappy hard drive in my G47VW to a Samsung 850 Evo 1Tb. After transferring most of my files over, I realized that Samsung Magician is saying that it's using SATA 1.5, which is not optimal.I looked for answers ...

PROBLEM: DOS USB-PEN not booting up

Hi I created a DOS USB-BOOT pen drive with the "rufus" utility. I let the program format and create a dos boot USB pen (fat32). Then I copy al the DOS OS files on the pen.When I try the USB on an older notebook (Sony Vaio, 2010) and set it t boot fro...

ciccio80 by Level 9
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G751JT USB Reconnecting Problem

First: Sorry for my bad english. I'm german. My G751JT always reconnects the USB Ports when I plug in or plug off the power supply.So when I watch a movie from a external USB HDD the movie stops with an error message and I have to click "Play" again....

999999 by Level 7
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G751JT 'not enough space' issue.

Hi all!I know this might be a newbie question, but I am just not sure what would be the right this for me to do to fix the following issue:My OS is on C:, and that station is about 95,3GB.Now since the 'Program Files' folders are also in that station...

Would a generic 9.5mm ODD caddy fit a G751?

Would a generic HDD 9.5mm caddy fit in the ODD in the G751? the speed of the ODD is SATA I right?

Rares95 by Level 8
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