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G751JT USB Reconnecting Problem

First: Sorry for my bad english. I'm german. My G751JT always reconnects the USB Ports when I plug in or plug off the power supply.So when I watch a movie from a external USB HDD the movie stops with an error message and I have to click "Play" again....

999999 by Level 7
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G751JT 'not enough space' issue.

Hi all!I know this might be a newbie question, but I am just not sure what would be the right this for me to do to fix the following issue:My OS is on C:, and that station is about 95,3GB.Now since the 'Program Files' folders are also in that station...

Would a generic 9.5mm ODD caddy fit a G751?

Would a generic HDD 9.5mm caddy fit in the ODD in the G751? the speed of the ODD is SATA I right?

Rares95 by Level 8
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strange sound issue - ASUS G750JS

bought this model a couple of days ago. happened to get a defective one out of the box (bad crackling sound, trackpad malfunction, charger cord malfunction) and exchanged it for this new one. most problems were resolved except for one:the sound would...

Xonaiya by Level 7
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Choppy G501JW video playback

Hi, has anyone experienced laggy or choppy video playback with the G501JW when viewing Youtube videos in HD or Netflix in Chrome? Every time I try to watch a video in 720p, 1080p or higher the framerate drops terribly and makes it unwatchable, which ...

diegov by Level 7
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Help! BF 4 - DirectX error!

Hi! I've just bought this brand new and awesome g750JX.However, when I try to play Battlefield 4 I constantly get this error message and the game crashes.The error message says: DirectX function "GetDeviceRemovedReason" failed with DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_...

Cannot install Windows on blank G75VW

I had previously been using Linux on my G75VW, but the time has come to sell it, so I want to install Windows on it.One problem: I can't.But that isn't relevant. For the purposes of this post, pretend I have fresh, new, formatted drives, and I want t...

angster by Level 7
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1TB GL 551 -- but only 372 GB shown???

Hello. Just unboxed my brand new GL 551. It is supposed to have 1TB of disk space, but per Windows there is only 372 GB of disk space with less usable. . .Any clue what is going on? Was I shipped the wrong spec PC or is it something else?

shragae by Level 7
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