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Overclocking Help?

Hello everyone, new PC gamer here with a question about overclocking. First things first, in case this helps, I have an ROG G751JT-DB73 laptop. Now, when I purchased this, I saw that the product page on Amazon said my CPU can be overclocked to 3.6ghz...

Help with partitions please

Hey everybody!First let me say that I am not the most computer savy guy around. I just bought a G751JY to replace my hp pavillion dv7 6000.Right out of the gate after updating to windows 10 i started getting confused with how the partitions work. I ...

G771JW officially supports WIndows 10 but G771JM doesn't?!

Recently I found a page made by ASUS where I can check if my device officially supports Windows 10 upgrade.I found the page here trough the G771JM FAQ question Does my device support Windows 10?If I perform a search for device G771, it returns as sup...

Sitram by Level 7
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G551JM won't boot or even get to the BIOS

I'm on my second G551JM laptop now after the first one died within two days of receiving it. This one has been working just great for approx. 2.5 months with no issues. Yesterday, I was using the laptop and it got a Windows 8.1 blue screen with a K...

Clean Windows 10 Sucks for G75VW

ok, struggling for a week now, and going back to 8.1When I do a Clean install for Windows 10, I run into the following problems.1. Starting the laptop, turns it off again.. Always need to press the power button 2 x. (and no, it's not in some sa...

pka4916 by Level 7
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Elantech Touchpad Issues on G751 JT + Chiral Scroll

Hello all, I was just wondering if anyone could help me with my touchpad on the ROG G75.Here are my problems: -The Elantech touchpad with Asus Smart Gesture is sluggish, unwieldy, and a pain to use. (I will explain.) I only notice it because I am als...

4720HQ,What's within thermal limits?

I'have a JY model with 980m and 4720HQ and when I am playing something heavy like GTA V for 30min-1 hour my CPU temperatures go up to 82 sometimes 86 degrees C.Those are ofcourse peak temperatures and last for seconds and the CPU itself never throttl...

thetanaz by Level 7
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G750js boot problem

Hi,I have a problem booting my g750js. It won't boot on my first try and will only display the rog logo but it during my second try it will normally boot. What might be the problem?