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UBUNTU 15.04 - G750JM - Nvidia Fails!

Hello,I've installed Ubuntu 15.04 64 Bits to this ASUS ROG G750JM Laptop.Installation went fine and I'm using it 2 weeks already.The PROBLEM is I cant seems to setup the NVIDIA card, wich is a 850M, Ive tried this:Nouveau Drivers, they work fine, but...

just bought G751JT-DB73

so i just bought the rog G751JT-DB73 2 days ago and went to upgrade to windows 10 today and after the install my wifi stopped working altogether. it cant even scan for available networks. any way to fix this? I had to revert to windows 8.1 in the mea...

ASUS G75 - Default output HDMI

Hi,Please, does anyone know how to change my default VGA output to HDMI? I can't find this option my BIOS. #~: lspci | grep VGA01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK104M [GeForce GTX 780M] (rev a1)ThanksYgor

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Increase fps on games such as Dota 2

I search everywhere to increase the fps to 120 but still in dota 2 fps 60 on plugged in and 30 at battery mode. is anyone know how to change? btw why when palying dota 2, the games itself too laggy and spiky but the ping shown is only between 120-30 ...

G751JT Bios 209 ACPI Error *solved*

Hi there,I get serveral errors since upgrading Bios from 207 to 209. ACPI Error ID 15.I didn't encounter any problems and the rest of the message, sais, : The embedded controller (EC) has data returned when no data has been requested. Perhaps the BIO...

G771jm English user manual

Is it just me or is the G771Jm english user manual non existent? I look here and only see every other language but english. The english manual linked there is just some 2 page spec sheet for the ...

G751JY slow access to 7200rpm hd in The Witcher 2

Greetings,I bought this laptop some times ago but for many reasons I didn't use it much.I don't have access to a fast internet connection so I'm planning to optimize and update everything in a month or so.The problem I'm having is that playing The Wi...

LCD Housing Disassembly on a G750J

I'm attempting to disassemble the LCD housing to change the backlight color of the ROG logo. I've removed the rubber footings and screws, however I am unable to pry apart the housing even when using a credit card. I've searched online for How-Tos, ...