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G750JM CPU hot !!

Hi all,I got an G750JM 1 year ago and it had been running perfectly. Lastweek. I was playing game ( Dota2) and could hear noise from cpu fan then the computer suddenly shut down. After checking RealTempGt, my cpu degree was 80 and it also shows 2 'lo...

Holy banana 980 NON-"M" for Laptops!

WOW! check this out, is this for real?! ;U

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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G751 strange problem after repasting

Repasted my machine today with IC Diamond. Temperatures dropped substantially - on the stress test, the GPU max dropped from 75 to 65 and the CPU from 84 to 73. Quite impressive.However, I must have broken something. The machine initially wouldn't bo...

deccauk by Level 7
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PCIE OS drive to 1TB SSD

hello i have a Asus ROG 751 JY and the OS is in the 256GB PCIE.Does anyone know the process of changing it to a SSD i tried cloning it and it wouldn't read the SSD at all. Help plz.

Fade-yx by Level 7
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G751 - How to setup RAID 0?

As i am planning on adding a second HDD in my ODD bay, and basically because they are the same model (HGST 7K1000), i want to setup RAID 0 for them. Can anyone point me out to the steps of setting it up? Ideally i would do a fresh install of Windows ...

Rares95 by Level 8
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G750JM Weird left fan noise

Hello, I have this laptop about a year ago, yesterday the left fan started to do an unusual noise, like it has something catched. What should I do?Thanks!

Windows 10 issues and fixes

Hi everyone, I made this thread to post any issues I run across as I just did a clean install of Windows 10 after the upgrade from 8.1 and after the clean install I got my first problem to be the Flight mode light from my G751JT to stay lighted up wh...

G751JY BIOS 209 WiFi Issues - anyone else?

After updating to BIOS 209 I have noticed that my startup is a few seconds longer (I actually see the ROG logo now on boot with he little dots going in a circle) and more importantly my laptop often boots up without auto connecting to my wifi and als...