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Asus G751JT - CPU+GPU Temperature + Fan Noises?

Good day!I have searched through this Forum and other places on the internet for quite some time, but am still not able to find a solution.My Setup is the Asus G751JT with an Intel core i7-4720HQ, 16 Gigs of RAM, GTX970M, 256GB SSD+1TB HDDI have also...

Furnova by Level 7
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Asus G551JM Audio Problem

I have an Asus G551JM with Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and the 3.5 mm audio jack is not working- I have restarted, played with the control panel options and (re)installed audio drivers to no effect. Before you ask the speakers are working- I connected the...

UK RMA process

To anyone who has had a laptop repair in the UK via an RMA, do you go through your dealer or direct with Asus, or do you have a choice?From what I've picked up from the internet, Asus service looks very bad. What is a typical turnaround time please?

deccauk by Level 7
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(Pls help)Internet problems +questions about temps

So basically, every once in a while (while on google, it hasn't been observed while gaming) my laptop will lose the connection to the internet and find it very difficult to reconnect. Sometimes I have to restart my pc. I recently did this https://rog...

G750JM Problem with lag

I have a problem with my G75JM and everytime that I play the game that I always play, the pc lags the game and I don't know why <---- when I'm playing in that form without fullscreen my fps are 60/59 which is really good on ...

RDDsign by Level 7
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G750J won't boot, no BIOS either

My CPU was getting really hot when underload, around 90-95 °C.Because of this my fans would ramp up to 5500rpm, which I think is max rpm of this laptop.It was unbearably loud so I decided to open it up and clean it.I removed all the dust and replaced...

Limewar by Level 7
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Color Banding on G751JY - Common Issue?

I know that these laptop panels are not made for professional purposes though I am still wondering if color banding is normal with that product.Does any G751 Owner see color banding in the mid-dark and dark tones on this image? http://www.drycreekpho...

Tobi94 by Level 7
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